Bridal Hairstyles Open- 75+Pictures Ideas

Bridal Hairstyle Ideas For Your Reception


From makeup to hairstyle – you have already planned a lot for your big day. But have you considered planning for the day of your reception? Reception is almost equally important as your wedding and hence, you should leave no stone unturned for looking beautiful on this event too. It might be a bit tough to pick the right hairstyle for your reception that would not outshine your wedding day hairstyle, but make you look stunningly beautiful at the same time. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out. Check out top 50 bridal reception hairstyles that will serve the purpose absolutely right way:

1. Side-swept Curls

The side-swept curls are a simple yet elegant way to flaunt your pretty locks on your big day. Paired with some face-framing wisps, this hairdo will make your natural beauty shine. This style is about sophistication. This definitely a well adopted American wedding hairstyle.

2. Romantic Outward Curls

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, nothing can be more romantic than soft curls cascading the shoulders. This golden blond hair with textured outward curls is just ideal for that quixotic vibes.

3. A Beautiful Bun

Sleek and elegant Bun is another gorgeous hairstyle to for on your wedding. Besides delivering a look of elegance plus allowing you to wear your hair up, a bun will keep your manes in check and won’t let them go and ruin your wedding look. Accentuate your bun with an accessory such as a tiara to hold your wedding veil in place. Messy buns and low-slung buns are also great alternatives.

4. Smooth Low Side Bun

A low bun is the most classic bridal hairstyle of all time. Be it the big day or the day of the reception, this combination of a mini bouffant and a smooth low bun resting at the nape of the neck is always perfect.

5. Braided Updo

You may also want to go for a Braided Updo on you wedding day, especially if you’re a “Boho” bride. It looks simply gorgeous and adds to your feminine appeal besides giving you a modern, bohemian look!

6. Stacked Wavy Bob With Roses

Style your short stacked bob in the most feminine way and look amazing on your reception. You just need to create waves, add texture and adorn the locks with magnificent pearl white roses.

7. Retro Bouffant

Retro Bouffant is another gorgeous and elegant hairdo for American brides. This fabulous beehive look can be the finest hairstyle alternative for retro inspired weddings. Add polka dot accessories and headbands for a true vintage style.

8. Low Bun With Mini Bouffant and Side Sweep

This is quite like the first hairstyle that features a low bun with a mini bouffant. But here, the bun is positioned at the middle and beautified with a neatly arranged side sweep for a precise reception look.

9. Simple Half-Braided Style

This is a simple half hairdo in which the upper section of the hair is braided up to a certain length and then, turned into a hair-wrapped ponytail. Let the rest of your hair embrace your back gracefully.

 10. A Pretty Ponytail

American brides can never go wrong with a ponytail hairstyle. Whether you have thick or thin, long or short hair, a ponytail will look pretty with any wedding outfit. Many celebrities opted for this look on their nuptials as it elegantly puts your best features on display and doesn’t take much time to make you look great.

11. Unique Twisted Loop

This unique and classy loop hairdo can give you an effortlessly beautiful look. Just brush all your hair back and twist it up in order to create the loop. Then, apply lots of hairspray to give it a proper hold.

12.Wavy Side Hairdo With Twisted Side Sweep

Look like a girl-next-door on that very day of reception by opting for this simple hairstyle. Gather all your waves on one shoulder and secure them by twisting as well as pinning the side sweep from that side at the back of your head. Super easy, no?

13. Puffy French Braid With Spiral End

Make your backless reception gown look even more gorgeous by wearing this innovative hairstyle. All you need to do is French braid your hair and give the end a neat spiral shape. A puffy top and multiple lowlights will jazz up the look significantly.

14. Low Volumized Hairdo With Twisted Top

Look like a charming beauty on the day of your reception. Start with adding volume to your hair, especially at the front and the crown. Now, twist up the top hair and create a low bun. Here you go!

15. Messy Twisted Half Hairdo

In this style, the hair is left loose and given a messy finish at first. Then, the two sides are twisted up and secured at the center of the back with bobby pins. Add flowers or accessory to glam up the look.