Bridal Hairstyles Marathi- 75+ Pictures Ideas

13 Amazing Maharashtrian Bridal Hairstyles to Get Inspired

Maharashtrian bridal hairstyles are not that different from other Indian bridal hairstyles really. What really sets them apart is the mundavalya, a pearl string accessory that runs alongside the forehead.

A traditional Marathi dulhan hairstyle will typically consist of a hair bun with flowers or jewelry and some form of styling at the front of the hair. This could be a puff, a side parting or twisted twirls that join the bun at the back.

A third component that is sometimes added is some sort of decoration mid way between the front puff and bun at the back such as a poof or braid.

Check out the hairstyle pics below and hopefully you can get some inspiration on how to wear you hair to that traditional Marathi Dulhan look on your wedding day.

 13 Beautiful Maharashtrian bridal hairstyles

#1: Maharashtrian bridal hairstyle with Mundavalya

Sometimes you don’t need to complicate things too much to make them look nice. This Marathi bridal hairstyle consists of a simple juda with hair jewelry that is connected to the earrings with a chain. The pearl string mundavalya which runs across the forehead completes the look.

#2: Maharashtrian bridal hairstyle with flowers

Another nice hairstyle arrangement for maharashtrian weddings is the flower wreath. Flowers can also decorate the juda at the back as well for that complete dulhan look.

#3: Maharashtrian bride with bun hairstyle

This hairstyle consists of a all the front hair being pulled back into a bun without and loose bangs. It stands appart from other marathi wedding hairstyles for its simplicity but also because it does not have a mundavalya.

#4: Maharashtrian traditional dulhan juda hairstyle

This hairstyle composition in this pic is probably one of the more traditional Marathi hairstyles. The long hair is plaited into a bun at the back and a mid poof creates a nice partings from the front of the hair. The front strands if hair are plaited into a side braid that joins the bun at the back. The look is complemented by flowers at the back and a mundavalya running along the forehead in front. Finally a chained earrings also joins the hair bun.

#5: Marathi bridal juda for frizzy hair

This high round bun is a wonderful look for frizzy hair. With this hairstyle the hair is kept clear of the face so that everyone can see the bride clearly. It also lends a starring role to the mundavalya, maang tikka as well as the rest of the jewelry.

#6: Puff and hair bun

Puffs are a signature part of Indian hairstyles and are common sight at many Marathi weddings. What I love about this particular puff is how wavy it is. The side swept raising of the hair in this manner creates and extremely elegant nuptial look. Combined with the high bun at the back this is an excellent look for you wedding day.

#7: Side parted open hairstyles for medium hair

If you have medium length hair you can show it off by letting it loose. This pic is an excellent example of one way you could do that. The hair is side parted to one side while the exposed side is combed backwards into a beautiful banana hair clip. The loose curls fall lightly on the shoulders and have a wonderful bounce to them.

#8: Side parting and poof

Here is a classical Indian Marathi look. The hair has been side parted and the puff at the back creates that old school retro wedding hairstyle. Combined with a maang tikka and mundavalya you get a beautiful Marathi wedding hairstyle that frames the face nicely.

#9: Simple hairstyles for Maharashtrian bride

This side swept hairstyle is easy to do and keep things really simple. I love the wispy bangs on either side as they make the hairstyle more stylish. Go for this look if you do not want to overthink your hairstyle and want a more humble look.

#10: Simple Marathi bridal poof and hair bun

Another classy look is to create this hair tiara effect. The hair is twisted and combed backwards for joins a main twisted strand of hair that circles a high poof. A low bun is decorated with flower and hair jewelry that is chained to the earring. This is a nice arrangement that is somewhat alternative but very traditional at the same time.

#11: Simple Marathi hairstyles

I love the simplicity of this hairstyle. The front bangs are side parted and pulled back to join the bun at the back. It’s  really easy to do so you won’t be stressing on the morning of the wedding. Also the mundavalya plays more of a starring role this way.

#12: Simple Marathi updo

This hairstyle is composed of all three elements of a traditional Marathi bridal hairstyle:  a side swept puff at the front, a poof at the top and a relatively low hair bun at the back. Layering the jewelry and accessories on top creates the perfect wedding look. If you are looking for something traditional with a touch of class definitely go for this hairstyle.

#13: Traditional peaked puff and low bun

This hairstyle is somewhat similar to the previous one except that there is not middle poof and the front hair puff peaks mid point. This is also an very elegant hairstyle and very appropriate for a wedding.

I hope you enjoyed going through the pics of Marathi bridal hairstyles. All in all you can use various combinations of hair buns, poofs and puff to get a traditional look that combined with a mundavalya will create that quintessential Marathi dulhan look. If you want to get inspired further explore Hairstyle Monkey further for more Indian hairstyles.