Bridal Hairstyles Kerala- 75+ Pictures Ideas

Best Christian Bridal Hairstyles to Get Inspired

Christian bridal hairstyles come in many forms.  There is a rich variety of ways to wear your hair and a number of hairpieces you can use. Being Christian in India means a unique heritage that combines christianity with Indian tradition. Whether you are a Catholic christian from Goa, Malayali Syrian or Tamil christian these hairstyles will give you inspiration on how to do your hair up on that special day. Bridal hairstyles in India have a rich tradition and so does Christianity.

Here is a great selection of Christian bridal hairstyles

1. Christian bridal bun updo with  tiara

This christian bride has probably done a French roll at the back but you can see how this hairstyle would work even if you had short hair. The hair has a pouf at the top and has been side parted at the temples. The tiara proclaims it a wedding hairstyle while the earrings match the simplicity of the look without being too over the top.  The hairstyle looks pleasing to the eye in the simple white Christian saree.


2. Christian messy side bun with poof and roses

This Christian bridal side bun hairstyle is especially suited to Goan Catholics as it will evoke that Portuguese tradition. The red roses match the color of the lipstick and make a nice contrast against the white bridal gown. The veil is discrete and gives the overall loose bun hairstyle a graceful look.


3. Catholic bridal hairstyle

This Catholic bridal updo is composed of a beautiful curly updo that is kept in place by a tiara. The veil is worn low at the back and the wispy bangs on either side of the face create symmetry.



4. Half updo for Kerala Christian brides

If you are South Indian Christian then this hairstyle if for you. The hair has been side parted and has a small puff. The rest of the long hair is allowed to flow loosely in alluring curled ringlets over the saree


5. Open hair with curls and tiara

If you have long wavy hair it can look stunning to just let it hang loose over your shoulders. here the tiara acts as a head band pulling the curly hair back and away from the forehead.


6. Christian wedding hairstyle for long hair

This big side parting and poof look fabulous on a round face.

Puff Christian wedding long hair


7. Christian bridal hairstyle with saree

You could go for a traditional Indian wedding hairstyle with maang tikka and all if you like. An updo with hair jewelry on a white saree combines the best of both traditions.



8. High bun updo for church wedding

This high bun has a trendy modern clip to keep it in place. The veil is at the back. Thus we have a discrete wedding hairstyle with a beautiful white gown.


9. Side parting with puff on crown and bun

This simple hairstyle with a side parting will make you stand out on that special day without needing to overcomplicate things. You could add flowers of a tiara if you like.


10. Side parting with loose curls and headband

The tiara acts as a head band keeping the poof in place. The hair is side parted in front and can either hand over one side of the shoulder as we see hidden on the left or symmetrically in front of both shoulder.


11. Christian tight bun with veil and saree

This Christian tight bun has the hair combed back smartly. The long veil then flows from the top and encompasses the whole body.



12. Full length curls with puff updo with hat veil

The front hair puff is circled with a flowery hair piece. The locks are hanging loosely in ringlet formation. This is a wonderful Christian wedding hairstyle for medium length hair.


13. Wavy accessorized pony

This down do lets loose curling locks cascade down to one side. The effect is stunning and will surely make you look amazing on your wedding day.


14. Syrian church updo with curls for long hair

This updo is more intricate but will look beautiful in any bridal gown. You might need a hair extension to achieve the bundled hair bun on the top. But if you have long curly or frizzy hair then this wedding hairstyle will look amazing when you are saying your vows.



15. Crown puffed hair style for bride with side veil

Combining a puff with layered ringlets and a side veil will make your hairstyle stand out. Side veils are becoming more and more popular. They are a unique way to have great hair without it being fully covered by a veil.


16. Indian Christian bridal hairstyle with tiara

Do your hair up and wear a tiara to look like a real princess!

indian christian bridal hairstyle with tiara



17. Indian Christian wedding hairstyle with veil

A side swept fringe has been oiled and brought forward in this magnificent hairstyle. The hair is raised in a poof at the back. A simple black tiara with silver studs is use to hold the veil in place at the back.

indian christian wedding hairstyle with veil

18. Kerala Christian bridal hairstyle with veil

Letting you hair loose and forward in front of the shoulder can be very becoming.


19. Kerala Christian bride hairstyle with ringlets and poof

Veils are a beautiful accessory for Christian weddings but they don’t necessarily need to be at the front. This hairstyle is beautifully composed. The bun has been raised into a poof at the back while the tiara frames the side parted front hairstyle without being over the top. The curled ringlets are simple but they are the key component of this hairstyle and are what make it stand out.


20. Hina Khan’s braided bun

Hina Khan has treated us with a beautiful idea for a wedding hairstyle. While she is not Christian herself the hairstyle below would be perfectly suited to a Christian wedding. Big braids are all the rage right now and the studded flowers give it a great nuptial vive.

braided chignon for Indian Christian wedding