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Top 9 Hindu Bridal Hairstyles

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One of the most important days in a woman’s life is her wedding day. It is imperative for this day to go smoothly and for her to look her best. And to that end she spends loads of money and time on her dress, makeup and hair! Now her hair forms an important part of her appearance. Many brides choose to add fake ponytails to increase the length of their hair. Many undergo hair treatments to make it seem thick and lush. But all this effort is wasted if a bride chooses the wrong hairstyle! To help you avoid this, here are the list of the top 9 hairstyles for Hindu brides.

Simple and Easy Hindu Bridal Hairstyles for Women’s:

1. The Ornamented Plait:

Ornamented Plait

This is the most common hairstyle in South India. brides are known to plait their long, black, luscious hair in a tight plait and then add jewellery and flowers to give it a festive look. This hairstyle is meretricious and makes the bride look grand. But it sports a lot of ornaments and shows very little of the bride’s hair.

2. Many Band Pony Tail:

hindu bridal hairstyles

A substitute for plait in case of long hair is a ponytail. Now a simple ponytail will seem too informal and will make you look underdressed on your wedding. So you use elastic ties decorated with rhinestones. Tie several of these on your ponytail at regular intervals, to make it look more decorative and shiny.

3. Jasmines:


India has a culture of adorning one’s hair with a bunch of jasmine flowers. This particular hair ornament is commonly called a ‘gajra’. Though a commonly used item, ‘gajra’s are used quite a lot in the south and gives the bride a homely look.

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4. A Curled Bun:


After ponytails and plaits come buns. You can tie up your hair in a number of different chignons. This particular one gives you a more quite, sophisticated look. You part the front part of your hair to frame your face while the back sports a bun with artfully arranged curls, all hair-sprayed once done.

5. Bow Bun:

Bow Bun

A tight simple bun with a bow on top and a brooch adorning it looks regal and elegant. Though a very simple hairstyle it has a certain charm about it that recommends it to several brides. It gives you a decorated look without appearing overdone or gauche.

6. A Cross-Tied Bun:


This bun is more intricate than the previous two. It takes more time to do and looks more sophisticated, owing to the complications involved in its crisscrossing bands of hair. The hairdresser has to first shampoo, blow-dry and comb your hair till its silky and smooth. Then he/she divides it in several halves and ties them in a criss-crossing pattern.

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7. Messy Bun With a Side Brooch:


Many brides like to keep it simple and get ready really fast. For them, using additional accessories like brooches or flowers to adorn their buns is an excellent idea. The sequined clip or brooch lends their hair the bride-look, making the most plain of hairstyles appear exquisite.

8. Stylish Bun With Side Bangs:


A tastefully tied bun, secured in place with bobby pins and then an artfully arranged side bang gives you a stylish yet beautiful look. Using stoned ‘mangtikas’ to go with this style is a common phenomenon.

9. High Bun With a Dupatta:


Most hindu brides have to carry the wight of their very heavily sequinned dupattas on their heads. Tying their hair up in a sturdy bun which helps hold this dupatta in place is an excellent idea!