Bridal Hairstyles 2017

13 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides With Long Hair

For all brides who’ve been growing their hair out.


Courtesy of Marchesa Bridal

Whether you decide to go full-on bridal with a veil and a tiara, or something more bride-chilla with a flower crown or small, bejeweled accessory, you’ll need an equally perfect hairstyle to go along with it. Been growing your hair out for the big day, yet still unsure of your style? Here are 25 photos to inspire you.

1 Twisted Up With a Touch of Baby’s Breath

Secure your veil underneath your updo to show off your beautiful bun.

2 Down and Natural

Embrace your gorgeous, natural texture and leave it down on your big day. And if you want to add a little something extra to it, secure a flower toward the front to accentuate your strands.

3 A Beautiful Braided Headband

After Dutch braiding a 3-inch section on the left side of your head and securing it behind your right ear, tease your hair at the crown of your head for a little extra volume in the back.

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4 Sleek and Straight

Switching up your part is an easy way to transform your usual look into a sleek, wedding-approved style.

5 Stunning Cascading Waves

Spritz on a heat protectant spray before creating a deep side part and using a 1 1/2-inch barrel iron to curl your hair. To make your look last all night, set the curls while they cool, and then take them out after your makeup is done. Add an appliqué to your style for a touch of glamour.

6 Messy Bohemian Braids


Courtesy of Amika

This braided style from the JLM Couture show is for the chill bride who lists Blake Lively as her hair idol. To recreate the look, add a wavy texture into your hair with a curling or flat iron, and then create several braids from your temples, along your hairline, connecting them in the back.

7 Two Textured Chignons

If the vibe you want for your updo is more cool than classic, try wrapping your hair into twin chignons like this.

8 A Sexy Side-Sweep

If you want to wear your hair down but still show off the back of your dress, create a deep side part, curl your hair, and then sweep your hair to one side.

9 Old Hollywood Glamour Waves

The trick to getting waves like these: Part your hair down the center. Starting on the left side, wrap each 1-inch section around the barrel of a 1-inch iron until you reach the back of your head. Then repeat from the right side, until all your hair is curled. Then use a boar bristle brush to blend the curls together, making them look uniform.

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10 A Tousled Twist

If you can’t decide between wearing your hair up or down, go with a half-up, ethereal style. To copy this stunning ‘do, curl your hair first (add extensions if you need a little help in the length department), tease it for added volume, and then sweep it back and secure it before adding in baby’s breath.

11 Tiny Braids and a Tiara


Courtesy of Amika

If a tiara feels a little too princessy for you, add some cool, tiny braids to balance out your half-up look.

12 A Twisted Updo

To perfectly showcase a twisted or braided style, choose accessories that match the shape and feel of the hairstyle you choose.

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13 A Unique Updo

If you’re the bride who doesn’t want to look like everyone else on your big day, create your own hair accessory with a material (like a delicate wire) that fits your wedding vibe. Janelle Monaé’s hairstylist, Nikki Nelms, does this all of the time for her on the red carpet, and her hair always looks incredibly stunning and unique!