Bridal Hairstyles With Braids

15 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair With Braids

This is some serious hair inspo.
by Andrea Fowler

Every bride wants to look and feel special on her wedding day, and usually that involves an elevated beauty look that sets that day apart from all the rest. Maybe it’s a new shade of smoky eye shadow, a romantic new perfume or a hairstyle you’ve never had the time (or maybe skill level) to master—and braids definitely fall into that category.

It takes some serious effort to master braiding your own hair. From elaborate French braids to boho fishtail braids, most of these styles have only lived in your Pinterest boards. Take advantage of your wedding day team of beauty pros to give your long locks some new life.

  1. Boho Fishtail Braid With a Flower Crown

    Long wedding hairstyle with a flower crown and fishtail braid
    Levi Stolove Photography
  2. Half-Up Curls With Twisted Braids

    Long wedding hairstyle with curls and braids
    Rachel Goble Photography
  3. Intricate French Braid

    Wedding hairstyles for long hair with braids
    Rachael Mcintosh Photography
  4. Loose Fishtail Braid With a Single Rose

    Fishtail braided wedding hairstle for long hair
    Catrina Earls Photography
  5. Half-Up Curls With a Dutch Braid

    Curled wedding hairstyle with a Dutch braid
    Horn Photography Design
  6. Loose Curls With a French Braid and Flower Crown

    Long, loose curls with a braid and flower crown
    Mark Williams Studio
  7. Long Fishtail Braid With a Viburnum Berry Flower Crown

    Braided hairstyles for your wedding
    Rebekah J. Murray Photography
  8. Sideswept French Braid

    Sideswept French braid wedding hairstyle for long hair
    Keepsake Memories Photography
  9. Long Fishtail With Bangs and Fresh Flowers

    Sideswept fishtail wedding hairstyle for long hair and bangs
    London Light Photography
  10. Half-Up Loose Waves With a Twisted Braid

    Loose waves wedding hairstyle with a small braid
    Rachel Red Photography
  11. Sideswept Dutch Braid With Baby’s Breath

    Dutch braid wedding hairstyle for long hair with baby's breath
    Smile Peace Love Photography
  12. Half-Up Curls With a Small Side Braid

    Curled wedding hairstyle with a side braid
    Paige Eden Photography, Inc.
  13. Loose Waves With a Side Braid and Flowers

    Long curled wedding hairstyle with a loose side braid
    Judy Pak Photography
  14. Long Sideswept Fishtail Braid Tied With a Bow

    Long sideswept fishtail wedding hairstyle for long hair
    Judy Pak Photography
  15. French Braided Bangs With Loose Curls

    French braided bang hairstyle with loose curls
    The Bleu Studio
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