Bridal Hairstyle at Home in Hindi for Long to Medium Hair | KhoobSurati Studio

A special hairdo for a supremely special occasion, this elegant and graceful style is a lovely adornment to look beautiful. Worn for a classic appeal, this style can be easily achieved by following this easy and utter accessible tutorial. So embrace style and beauty by trying this hairdo today!

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Step 1
Nicely comb the hair back evenly into an open tress.

Step 2
Leave a portion of hair in the front and tie it up with the help of a clip.

Step 3
Now take out a section of hair from the top of head and by combing them back into an untangled tress, hold them out in a bunch.

Step 4
Set them in a style as shown and clutching them tightly with fingers, tie them up with the help of hairpins as shown.

Step 5
Now comb the rest of the hair down and leaving two branches from either side of the head before holding them in a bunch and making a pony as shown.

Step 6
Out of the hair flowing out of the pony, make a braid by dividing the hair into three sections.

Step 7
Loosen out the knots of the braid and tie a rubber band at the bottom.

Step 8
Move the braid in the round at the rubber tie and fix it in the position with the hairpins.

Step 9
Now take out a branch from the hair left in step 5 and comb it thoroughly before rolling it down and fixing it at the back of the head.

Step 10
Repeat step 9 and make at least two rolls out of the hair left on the left side and fix them firmly with the pins.

Step 11
Now for the right side of the head, divide the hair left in step 5 into small divisions and twist each branch before coiling it back to fixing it on the head with the help of pins.

Step 12
Accentuate as well as punctuate the style by putting flowers to complete the look.

Thus, your stylish and elegant Bridal Hairdo is ready. Make your most special occasion a cherished one trying out this exclusive and impeccable hairstyle within minutes with the help if this remarkable visual tutorial.