Smokey eye makeup | Dulhan Eye Makeup | How to apply perfect eyeliner

Smokey eye and eye makeup tips for bride.Eye makeup tips step by Step eye makeup tutorial.
Best way to do eye makeup.
Step 1: It’s All About That Base

Start by cleaning the area around the eyes. Follow it up with a moisturizer or an eye cream. Apply the concealer with a brush and seal it with a translucent or transparent powder. This will make the eye area look even, make the skin crease-proof, and also conceal any discoloration of the skin. It also creates a clean base so that the colors sit better.

Step 2: Chose The Type of Eyeshadow

It’s now time for the actual eye makeup. You should always analyze the shape of your eyes and accordingly decide on a makeup technique that will enhance .Use textures like frost/shimmer/shine on the eyelid and brow bone, and matte finish textures on the crease.

Pro Tip– Use darker shades of eyeshadows to contour the eyes at the crease and use lighter shades at the center of the eyelids to make the eyes pop.
Start by applying the color on the eyelid with a flat eyeshadow brush using a sweeping or patting motion.This lighter shade will make the eyelid more prominent. Start the application from the center and then sweep it towards both inner and outer corners. Apply the color evenly on the lid and deposit more for intensity.

Step 3: Dark Shades for the

Use a darker shade of eyeshadow to define the eye shape. To achieve this, go for shades like deep browns, black, deep gray, dark purple, etc. Start applying from the outer corner of the eye, making a ‘V’, and blend it halfway through the eyelid with a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush. Do this using the windshield wiper motion. Keep blending until the color starts to look softer. In order to highlight the brow bone, go for lighter shades in either frost or shimmer textures.

Step 4: Rim The Eyes With Kohl

To make the eye makeup more dramatic, use a kohl pencil on the lower lash line. Smudge it with a smudger/pencil brush if you want a smokey effect.
Pro Tip – Using a white/beige colored eye pencil on the lower rims of the eyes is the best way to make them look bigger and brighter.

Step 5:Apply eyeliner to define the eyes.
Start from the outer corner and gradually pull it inwards using small strokes. You can keep it simple, or make it dramatic. And, when in doubt, just wing it out!

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