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A bridal makeup artist is someone who prepares the bride aesthetically for her golden day of life. There is no second thought in this that every bride dreams of her wedding day and wants to perfect in terms of her appearance that day. Adding sparkle to the beauty of the Bride, wedding cosmetics assumes an imperative job in improving the look of the Bride. All things considered, a winged liner turned out badly can undoubtedly ruin the entire look of the Bride.

1. Do Purify, Condition and Moisturizing your skin

2. Exfoliating is Must

3. Abstain from Going into Sun from 11am to 5pm a month before the wedding

4. Make Utilization of Good Sunscreens and SPF Items

5. Know your Skin Tone Well

6. Do not Experiment with Cosmetic Brands

7. Choose the Right Foundation & Primer

8. Give Your Skin A chance to Breathe its Best

9. Have Great Measure of Rest

10. Do Normal Hair Spa Before One Month of the Wedding

11. Home Made Beauty Routine is the Best Alternative

12. Make use of Natural Conditioners & Cosmetic Products

13. Increase Sufficient Intake of Water

15. Do Yoga & Meditation

14. Use Natural Remedies for Dark Circles & Blemishes

16. Take Multiple Preliminary Sessions for both Cosmetics and Haircut

17. Make a point to Pick Cosmetics As per the Wedding Theme

18. Check Makeup in Bright light first to ensure the Best outcome

19. Do Not Experiment on the Last Day

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