Classic Bridal Makeup Tutorial


Happy Easter.

So this video looks at a classic bridal look. There are so many looks one can go for on your wedding day and I’ll definitely film more bridal looks in the future but I thought i’d start with the look I’m asked to create most frequently. I actually created this look for my demo on the main stage at IMATS last year.

To prep my skin I used:

Hydrating Gel Cream:

Hydrating Eye Cream:

Lip Balm:

I then used:

Bisque Corrector:

Warm Beige Concealer:

Warm Beige Skin Foundation Stick:

Soft Sand Sheer Finish Pressed Powder:

Medium Bronzer:

Pale Pink Blush:

Sandwash Pink Lip Colour:

Sandwash Tulle Lip Pencil: an old favourite which is no longer available-I’m SO sorry, I didn’t realise!! I’d suggest Ballet Pink is the best alternative to go with Sandwash Pink xx

Saddle Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil:

Medium Long Wear Eye Base:

Ivory Shadow:

Champagne Shimmerwash Eye Shadow:

Cocoa Eye Shadow:

Black Ink Gel Liner:

Intensifying Long Wear Mascara (I also use the No Smudge Mascara A LOT on brides):

To add a little glow-something I often help brides with ahead of their reception-I added:

Pink Brightening Brick over the cheeks:

Silver Moon Sparkle Shadow on the eyes:

All the products listed above (apart from the lip pencil-sorry!) here:

If you’d like to book a complimentary Bridal Makeup lesson then do-its so helpful to have an artist help you choose colours and teach you how to create the look yourself. Why not book your lesson with members of your bridal party too, its really fun! Check out the website for more details

The stunning BBU Palette for Lips is available on the Pro Scheme and in our Free Standing Stores. I don’t go to a job without one as it has a vast selection of lip colours in every formula, love it

My earrings are from John Titcombe, a fab jeweller in Cirencester where I grew up. He also made my wedding rings from sketches I had drawn-he’s amazing!

The Medium Bronzer and Sandwash Pink Lip Colour are available in my Pro Picks: Fresh Glow set

I often post pictures of my brides on my Instagram page so do check it out if you’re looking for inspiration

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Great, I think thats everything. Don’t hesitate to leave me any questions.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Much love,

Hannah xx